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A pool is a must here in AZ!

That's right've been replaced!

Hi- I'm Sam
I was born in Tempe Az on 4/11/98 and moved to Avondale with my new family that summer. I am a miniature schnauzer. That means I am a very smart and handsome guy. If you don't believe me, just check out some of the schnauzer links listed below. You will see that schnauzers are where it's at!

My cousins~ they aren't schnauzers but I still love them!

  • playing tackle or hide n seek with my boy, Myles
  • beating up on Patches the cat but I never bother Baby, the other cat!!
  • tearing up my stuffed newspapers
  • chasing bugs or lizards
  • sleeping with my head on a pillow
  • grapes
  • My new little (big) brother Gino

  • My toe nails cut
  • Being put out when company comes
  • Being rudely awakened and put outside
  • When everyone is going out and they leave me home~ GRRRR
  • did I mention being put OUT???

  • That's me with my kids Christmas 98.