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Adventure page

In the mud again

St Anthony Dunes
My old GMC, St. Anthony sand dunes in Idaho

Toms toy
Tom's Tonka Toy

Getting ready to rotate tires

Wayne's World!

Way to go Jeremy!!

Lake Pleasant
The perfect end of a fun day at Lake Pleasant, AZ.

** I will also try to refine my picture taking in the future. In the past I have tried various methods like taping a video camera to my helmet, which worked well until a mishap at about 60 mph. Then carrying a camera in my fanny pack (I broke that one too somehow) to take pictures at our annual President's Day trip to Glamis sand dunes, CA. We had a blast and if you have never been there- go!!! As this project grows I plan on adding a lot of new ideas with the help of my computer talented wife.

This was the end result of a jump. I always have to go for that last hard ride before I quit!

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