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Meet my family and friends
You know you are a motor head when all your pictures of anyone also have machines!

This is my daughter, Kim
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This is an old shot of my son, Myles helping Dad with his Ford.
Check out Myles' Page

Myles' first Kenworth!

My brother, Tom with Luly, his sweetheart.

Brother-in-law, Brian (aka Mario Andretti) at Glamis

My best friend, Wayne. We grew up together in Idaho and within the last three years I moved to Arizona and Wayne moved to Colorado. I really miss him every weekend and can't wait to get together!

Wayne's 1967 rs Camaro
We grew up in this car. Wayne- do you remember when we raced your Camaro at the track at over 100 mph? The fun part was the track was a horse track and by the second or third lap you couldn't see for all the dust!

My 1971 Pontiac Lemans, I wish I still had it!

My 1982 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4

Brenda's 96 EXPLORER (It's loaded)

Steve and Brenda circa 1800's. Here is the saloon where we met.
old west


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