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The following are the programs that I use. Since I am online so much anyway- might as well make a buck here and there!

TerraShare's Jotter is the best new program to begin earning $$ with! It can also remember passwords and fill out forms with one click. 50 cents per hour pay rate.
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Here's a new one I just joined. It sounds very promising! Use ID #11214730

One favorite place to check for online deals is Flamingoworld. Check out their coupon codes before you shop.

Cash Surfers is another easy to use pay to surf program.
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Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards!

Earn points that can be converted into gift certificates for merchandise! Easy!

PointClick is another pay to surf program. You don't have to download anything to earn money. Just go to their site and surf around. $$ adds up pretty quickly and they send checks promptly once you request payment.

You can give me credit for referring you by entering my e-mail address when you sign up.

VERY easy- nothing to download! Referral ID= BHF277

Money for Mail

Get paid for reading e-mail. Please use referral ID= InfoShare

This one is so easy!! Just listen to the radio while online- they have TONs of different categories! Please use referral ID= SessionsAZ

get paid for reading or sending e-mails. Please use referral ID= 146589

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Get 5 bucks when you sign up for PayPal! You can use this account to send money back and forth between friends, family, etc. using your e-mail address.
Comes in handy for gift giving.

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Why not get Free DSL? Sign up today! If it is not yet available in your area they will e-mail you when it is. Check out the message board at the site to see what users are saying.

Get paid to surf the net!